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Lynn Margileth creates art in a variety of mediums, including etching, encaustics, painting and mixed media. Each of these mediums are represented on this website.  Click on “gallery” in the menu above to access the images. Themes that she currently explores in all of the mediums are maps of consciousness and the cosmos, which incorporate images of  music, spirit animals, winged beings, water, boats and landscape.

Lynn began painting in the fields and farms of Pennsylvania during her college years and continues each summer to explore the images in the landscape of the Hudson River Valley. In many of these images are representational depictions of cows, however, she has recently created a series of imagined, spirit cows.  The richness of both the imagined and the representational worlds intersect to inform each other in her work.

This theme of intersecting worlds appears in a series that she created of aerial city paintings of Boston and New York City.  The images reference reality and there are discernible landmarks. However, there are currents of energy and light that transcend what can be viewed with the eyes.

Since 1998, she has studied etching at the Manhattan Graphics Center, in New York City and wishes to acknowledge her teacher there, Vijay Kumar.  The layers of texture and color in the etchings achieved through a process called Viscosity Printing resonate also in the Encaustic works where the wax medium allows for a layered effect.  Lynn utilizes etched images on transparent rice paper in the encaustic layers, so there is a crossover of mediums to achieve the imagery.

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